Crowdfunding & sponsoring

Would you like to support...

Common Carnaval is funded for a great part by the Elisabeth Strouven fund and Kanunnik Salden fund.

To be able to fully finance the project we could use your support immensely.
We would use the funding to pay the invoices for the website, publicity expenses.
But above all for all costs considering the costumes: the design, the suits of the Council of eleven, the fabric and textiles, needles and thread. And also the materials to built the float from, like paint, wood and other products.

If you join we can connect as many Old and new Maastrichtians in all rituals around carnival.
Common Carnaval!

If you like to support us, alone, or with your company or together with a bunch of friends
please send us an email to or you can directly transfer an amount of money by using internetbanking: on the accountnumber of Het Geluid Maastricht
NL42 INGB 0005 7473 87 please mention Common Carnaval.

Please let us know under which name/names of persons or of a company we can mention you on our website.
Ofcourse you can also stay anonymous. We hope you want to become part of our common. 

Thank you! Common Carnaval!