The origin of Common Carnaval

The very first draft of the idea to build a float came into being at Zuyd Hogeschool: iArts students named Tess Elschot, Jasper Wüller, Gerold Sewcharan, Raki Eckstein-Kovacs worked on a project adressing the current issue of refugees under the guidance of music theater company 'Het Geluid Maastricht' . After a conversation with 'de Tempeleers' and after receiving a letter of recommendation from mayor Annemarie Penn - Te Strake, 'Het Geluid Maastricht' and 'Bureau Europa' have thought about how to apply the project citywide by attracting multiple partners. Furthermore they embraced the idea of 'commoning', to put development and production processes in the hands of a communal network in order to use a collective way of working where civilians and professional organisations provide added value towards society as a whole. The goal here is to stimulate an increasing level of social involvement. In a project that connects societal, performative and designpractices.