How can i join?

I do not live in maastricht, or close by.

Great that you are interested in 'Common Carnaval' despite the fact that you do not live in Maastricht!
The people of Maastricht are proud of their city and the carnival by nature. But they are twice as bucked
with the project Common Carnaval! The Maastrichtians love to share their tolerant way of living and by doing so they hope to inspire others. 

Celebrating 'Carnaval' is a way to question society, social roles and the identity each individual emenates in a humorous, respectful and inquisitive manner. The Maastrichtian motto used during the 'Vastelaovend' (which is the Limburgian name for Carnaval)  is “to connect through ‘Plezeer & Sjariteit’, through fun and charity”.

Now that the social discussion has a tendency towards inclusiveness or exclusiveness, towards mine or yours, towards popularistic one-liners instead of constructive, nuanced dialogue the search for what “together” means in “living together” is more urgent than ever.

In a daring attempt to cut straight through a number of different cultures and class systems and build something together, we're initiating Common Carnaval. It should enable us to reflect on how we shape our city's society. The building of a float, a social ritual that hopefully will be completely reliant upon the principal pillar of the Meestrichter Geis *: a tolerant way of life, which will ideally provide fertile ground for the times we live in after the Vastelaovend.

We hope you will support our Council of 11 and the Common Carnaval from a distance. You can do so by informing others about this project and by making a post/share/like on social media like facebook and twitter. From Tasmania to Iceland, New York en Brazil, we think it would be amazing to let everybody know what is happening in the most southern point of the Netherlands.

An inhabitant of Maastricht is no inhabitant of Maastricht when he or she does not invite you to come and celebrate, see and experience the result of Common Carnaval live. Hereby we would like to heartily invite you to immerse yourself in our Bourgondian way of living and the ritual of Carnival. The parade takes place Sunday the 7th of February. Please check the agenda for more exact times and data.

Of course you can also travel to Maastricht before the parade and join us in the preparations. Fun! You could just pretend to be from maastricht and click on the link "I am from Maastricht" below for more info ;)

When you don't see a chance to participate in Common Carnaval yourself, but would like to contribute in an other way, we are also very grateful for any kind if financial or material support  to the projectl! 
Than we can involve as many refugees, newcomers and their children possible in the rituals around carnaval. Please check: crowdfunding and sponsoring.

In any case we would like to thank you for visiting our website! If you like to contact us, please do via or our facebook page Common Carnaval