• How can I join?

How can I join?

I am a new “Maastrichtian” or I live in the AZC

We would like to welcome you in our city and we would love to meet you. Everyone can join or contribute to the Common Carnaval. You can participate alone, but also with others, family friends, acquaintences, who you know by the AZC or for example via the language course at Vluchtelingenwerk...

For example you could work on the costumes or the build of the carnivals float or wagon.There will be more complicated technical tasks, but also more simple jobs. (So don´t hesitate to join!) The most important is that we meet eachother in curiosity and build collectively to the Common Carnaval.

The participating citizens of Maastricht would like to explain you everything about Maastricht and the ritual of the Carnival. Maybe you do not speak (well) Dutch yet, because you are here in Maastricht since not a long time, we understand that fully. We try to make sure there are people who are able to translate.

You can sign up to participate via email commoncarnaval@hotmail.com or you can come by at the `Common Carnaval headquarters´. The Hoofdwacht is the grey building at the Vrijthof, it will function as a temporary sewing-atelier, information centre and living room. Is calling more convenient for you? You are welcome to give us a call on the Common Carnaval phonenumber 0031640743603.

Your support on social media will be very much appreciated as well.
Post and tweet about our Council of 11 and Common Carnaval. (check common carnaval facebook page)
From Tasmania to Iceland, New York and Brazil, let the world know how proud we are of our city, carnival and the Common Carnival project!

We hope to meet you! Common Carnaval!