• How can I join?
  • How can I join?

How can I join?

I am from Maastricht

Everyone can join or contribute to the Common Carnaval. You can come to help with the creation of the costumes or help build the carnivals-float. There will be more complicated technical tasks, but also more simple jobs. (So do not hold back when you think there are things you can not do/ or you are not good at) 

Most important thing is that we meet each other in a spirit of curiosity and build collectively to the Common Carnaval in collaboration with other people from Maastricht, refugees and newcomers.

You can sign up to participate via email commoncarnaval@hotmail.com or you can drop by at the `Common Carnaval headquarters´. The building that is called the Hoofdwacht is the grey building on the Vrijthof, will be used in this month of carnaval as a temporary sewing atelier, information centre and livingroom.
Is calling more convenient for you? You may do so via the Common Carnaval telephone number 0640743603.

When you don't see a chance to participate in the Common Carnaval yourself, but would like to contribute in an other way, we are also very grateful for any kind of financial or material support to the projectl!
Check the link for crowdfunding and sponsoring at the bottom of this page for more information.

Your support on social media will be very much appreciated as well.
Post and tweet about our Council of 11 and Common Carnaval. (check common carnaval facebook page)
From Tasmania to Iceland, New York and Brazil, let the world know how proud we are of our city, carnival and the Common Carnival project!

We will mention everybody who participates or contributes financially with name on our website in the section 'Common Carnaval is made possible by'